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Ace Combat - VF-12 'Knights' FJ-3

Type - Skin
Author - AWACS_Bandog
Date - 06/23/2022 10:07:09
A Fictional FJ-3 Skin based on a crossover between Ace Combat and Saber from the Fate/ anime series.

Mostly because someone pointed out the obvious of Saber in a Sabre.... Sorta.

Another recreation of an existing skin that to be honest wasn't very good. This one has more semi-accurate Fury markings.

Based on an early version Haydz192's F-14 VF-12 skin located here

and its updated version here

F-18C Skin is also available here

and Finally, the F/A-18 Super Hornet Spiritual Successor Skins are available Here:


VF-12 Was established initially as a VT-12 ‘Knights’ in mid-1943 flying the relatively new Grumman TBM ‘Avenger’ Torpedo Bomber aboard the OFS Stafford. Serving into the 1950’s the Men of VT-12 were redesignated as Osean Navy Fighter Squadron 12 and traded in their Avengers for brand new Grumman F-9 Cougars, serving in the conflicts of southern Verusa. With the outbreak of war in Valka in the late 50’s the newly redesignated Osean Maritime Defense Force recognized the need for faster fighters to combat the brand-new MiG threats countering their quickly outdated aircraft in the skies over the embattled country. VF-12 found themselves as the first of the Last Gunfighters, operating the F-8 Crusader in successful raids against Yuktobanian and Valkan targets.
Service with distinction earned the Knights a reputation, and it came to little surprise that the Squadron was one of the first carrier units to receive the brand-new F-14 Tomcat in the summer of 1972.

Since then, the Knights have forged a legacy of excellence and bravery with their Tomcats as their noble steeds. Chivalry is their core tenets and the Pilots and RIOs of the squadron live and die by its principals.
Comes with one skin. Pilots will also have correct patches and markings.

Bort Numbering also works with this skin currently.

Please contact me on Discord at AWACS_BANDOG#7420 for any questions or bug-reports, thanks!
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