USAF F16A Wolfpack - Early 80's paint.

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DCS: World 2.7
F-16C Viper

USAF F16A Wolfpack - Early 80's paint.

Type - Skin
Author - Wolfthrower
Date - 01/24/2022 22:25:26
This is a recreation of PACAF's (pacific air forces), 8th fighter wing “Wolfpack”, F16A block 15 -
classic early 80’s paint. featuring the early design wolfhead logo for
both WP squadrons, the 80th fighter squadron “Headhunters”/”Juvats”
(yellow tail stripe) and the 35th fighter squadron “Pantons” (blue tail
stripe), which operate out of kunsan AB, South Korea.

*** due to file size being above 300 mb, i've included in this download a pdf with a download link , sorry for the extra step, thank you :)  ***
(includes both liveries).

The moment i saw this early 80's paint and that wolfhead logo i knew i had to do this,
this livery is packed with detail, but looks clean at the same time, i'm happy to share this livery with all of you :)
it is another collaboration between myself and "roughmaster"
with lots of new additions to the base textures and our own improved textures.
all made as close to reality as possible using as many reference photos i could find.
and extra couple of details.

new features include :
- Dynamic tail numbers ( i'd reccomend numbers between 400 and 599 to match the early 80's tail numbers for the squadrons)
- CFT Mod Support (custom intake cover and nozzle cover)
- new pilot texture, including new right foot kneeboard, with normals and roughness maps.
- new helmet and mask textures.
- accurate patches with normal maps and roughness maps.
- new custom and highly detailed fuel tank textures  ( both 300 and 370 )
- external cockpit textures.
- missing EPU fire indicator window ( located above the EPU safing pin ) with roughmets and normals.
- missing Accessory drive gearbox ac generator panel.
- missing Engine oil sight gauge panel.
- missing rivets and panels between the ventral fins with normals made by "roughmaster".  
- new nozzle with roughmets and normals, using "roughmaster"s modified engine textures .
- custom textures for the mxu-648 travel pod.
- new landing gear and gear bay textures done by "roughmaster"
- over 120 labels, accurately placed in their correct places
- 521 panel number labels. individually placed in their correct real life places.  
- high quality weathering, roughmets and normals rework.

Importent :
this download includes both squadrons.
the 35th fs livery is using files from the 80th fs folder to save storage space.
if you place only the 35th fs folder it wont work.
you need to place both folders inside your f16 livery folder for the 35th fs to work.

Installation Instructions are in the Included "read me" PDF.

Once again, I want to thank all of you for the support and truly hope you will enjoy this livery <3
if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to ask me here or contact me via discord ( details in a readme PDF file attached in this download).

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  • Language: English
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