(COOP) Rota Landing (A-4E Support) v1.0

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DCS World 2.7

(COOP) Rota Landing (A-4E Support) v1.0

Uploaded by - Mr Nobody
Date - 01/15/2022 12:19:17
This is a Vietnam-themed experience in which you must progress through three zones, capturing them with ground forces both provided to you, and airlifted in by player controlled helicopters.

Includes versions of the mission with and without the Community A-4E Mod - strongly recommended!

Includes slots for the A-4E, F-5E, F-14A, F-86F, and UH-1H, plus seats for Combined Arms players.

The battle initially starts in the preparation phase.  Once 20 minutes have passed, a friendly aircraft approaches the area of operations, or a friendly ground vehicle leaves the staging area, the battle will commence.  Proceed through the objective areas, capturing them by eliminating all enemies within the zone.  Enemy infantry will patrol and reinforce each zone in addition to a variety of vehicles.

UH-1s can airlift friendlies into battle by using the "F10 Other > CTLD" radio menus to collect infantry squads from the LHA, Staging area, or any zone captured.  In addition, crates can be loaded, flown into battle, and unpacked to spawn vehicles which can assist in the fight.  Any infantry squad or vehicle that is dropped within an active objective zone will patrol and hunt enemies of their own accord.

The mission is built on the excellent RotorOps and Splash Damage scripts by Grimm, with help from the ever useful MIST and CTLD.
Check out RotorOps here for an easy way to make fun helicopter and ground warfare centric missions: https://github.com/spencershepard/RotorOps
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: English
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