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DCS: World 2.7

Dynamic Conflict: Caucasus

Author - Toumal
Date - 01/14/2022 13:13:49
A dynamic, persistent PvE and PvP campaign mission about capturing and defending bases with persistent state.

Your goal is to capture zones Alpha to Zulu by destroying all enemy units in each zone. This is a PvE and PvP mission in which both AI and player Air and ground units defend and attack zones.

The focus of this mission is more on availability of various aircraft types rather than any sort of historical accuracy, hence you will find some bluefor-type units on the red side (for example, turkish F-16) and vice versa.

In addition to AI CAS/CAP flights, enemy ground units will attack nearby zones. These attacks happen every 2 hours and can be stopped temporarily by attacking a forward outpost marked on the map.
AI aircraft flights are balanced by the number of human players. If there's an imbalance of human players in one team, more AI opposition will spawn to even things out.

Some of the zones are airports, capturing these will unlock further spawns and additional aircraft types. Losing those airfields denies those spawns.

AWACS and in-air refueling is available on both sides. Datalink is also available on both sides. This mission includes a modified version of CTLD for cargo missions, construction of FOBs, air defences and AI ground laser designation. Bluefor includes two carriers, both the regular Stennis as well as Supercarrier, to give all kinds of players a chance for carrier operations. Frequencies are available in the mission briefing and via the communication menu. This mission incorporates ELINT which can be activated in script if desired.

The mission is persistent, which means that both zone capture state as well as units and FOBs deployed via CTLD will survive a server restart. NOTE: Disable sanitizing to enable saving/loading of mission state.

Integration with modified versions of Witchcraft for a web based live map is possible, and MOOSE scoring is set to export to CSV files for player statistics.
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: Any language
  • Size: 6.51 Mb
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