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DCS: World 2.7

Troops In Contact

Author - sidekick65
Date - 01/06/2022 21:40:05
Operations Starlite has begun
III Marine Amphib Force will assault and destroy the Viet Cong concentration in the Area of Van Tuong

Marine and ARVN forces will assault over land from the area south of the Long Dong River

Watch This Mission Here:

Marine forces will conduct landing operations in the area north of the Sac Dong River

Enemy forces in approximately regimental strength are expected in the area of Van Tuong.

The enemy is expected to be mostly light infantry with some light artiillery in the form of mortars.

Some AAA is possible but in tel believes it has mostly been degraded over the last few days of preparation

VMA 211 will provide close air support to operation starlite

Because the area of ops is so close, We will provide a hot 2 ship on-ground on call support at all times.  Once one element departs the next element will be called to their aircraft.

When called you will proceed to one of two Areas of Operations. You will be assigned to an AO when you are called to take off.
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