A Bridge Too Far?

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DCS: World 2.7

A Bridge Too Far?

Author - sidekick65
Date - 01/06/2022 21:34:22
Watch This Mission Here: https://youtu.be/sf-kR3gg0FM

Preparation for Operation Starlite continues

Elements of 7th Marines and ARVN forces have successfully captured the high ground south of Van Tuong

Assault forces are moving into position

III MAF HQ wants to isolate the enemy in Van Tuong by destroying the bridges over the Sac Dong River.

VMA 211 will destroy the bridges over the Sac Dong river

One Element Call Sign Dodge armed with zuni rockets will provide Flak Suppression
Dodge will proceed to point Victor and hold
And will be called into targets by Pontiac-3

Two Elements Pontiac-1 and Pontiac-3 will armed with mk83 bombs to attack the bridges

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