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DCS: World 2.7

Good Eagle

Author - Luicia
Date - 12/01/2021 20:46:08
Two Syrian Mig 29A - Aqid Saad & Muqaddam Fahd - codename
nusr jayid - are tasked with monitoring the region near the Jordanian border.
This is a routine flight with no hostile action expected.

Fly along the planned route (5 waypoints - check kneeboard).  
After passing waypoint 1, climb to an elevation above 6500 metres.
Watch your fuel consumption. We have mounted extra tanks for you in case of any incidents. Changing payloads is not encouraged.

Watch for contacts in the border area. Orders from Damascus Control Center as well as from our EWR - codename Darkstar - should be followed.
Mission is successful when you land back on Al-Dumayr Airbase.

>>> For the mission, it is important to keep the flight path as correct as possible apart from the altitude. Since this is a FC3 module, no frequencies are given here. ATC can be used - it has no relevance - No mods required - Radio messages are presented in text form - No voice overs <<<
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