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DCS: World 2.7
AJS-37 Viggen

SEA for AJS-37 "Thundervigg"

Type - Skin
Author - Marsvinet
Date - 11/29/2021 10:49:52
A South East Asia (SEA) camouflage for the AJS-37, based on the camouflage that the F-105 Thunderchief carried during the Vietnam war

A project I made to get my own budget F-105 Thunderchief in DCS. I stopped making it when I could not produce satisfactory textures for the external tank and pylons. The master project files has since been lost in a programming incident involving deletion of many corrupted livery files. This livery WILL be remade with the updated paint kit to come for the AJS-37, hopefully with pylons and external tank.

The livery is based on the F-105D-25-RE 62-4229 flown by Jack Spillers. The original aircraft was named "JEANIE II" but this is not included in the livery. This F-105 survived the war, but was destroyed in the 70's.

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