Gulf of Sidra, 1989 - Remastered

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Gulf of Sidra, 1989 - Remastered

Author - Ozone1
Date - 11/23/2021 11:28:44
Put yourself in the front seat of Gypsy 207 and lead your wingman across Gaddafi's infamous "Line of Death" to intercept a pair of hostile bandits closing in on your position...

This is essentially the same mission as my original Gulf of Sidra iteration, although it now includes new weather, the Forrestal, actual Intruders, and more fixes than I could possibly list. I've also increased parameters and added visual cues, so it shouldn't be quite so difficult to complete this time around.

It's single-player only, although the RIO seat is also available if you can find someone crazy enough to come with.

To install, just unzip it and open the "Read Me" file. Everything you need will be there...
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