Mosquito FB Mk. VI, SAAF 60th Squadron, 1944

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DCS: World 2.7
Mosquito FB VI

Mosquito FB Mk. VI, SAAF 60th Squadron, 1944

Type - Skin
Author - MateusOV
Date - 09/29/2021 19:30:11
All white SAAF 60th Squadron liverie for the Mossie!     -     Currently version 2.0

This is a liverie based on SAAF 60th Squadron's Mossie that operated in Italy in 1944.

We don't have the official template yet, but at this point I basically have my own already lol. It's not perfect but it get's the job done, and whenever we get the template from ED, I'll remake this and my other liveries in better quality!

v2.0 - Fixed the props reverting to default color when the engine's on
v1.0 - Brand new liverie for the Mosquito with customized Fuel Tanks and Bomb Fairings

Unzip the zip into your "SavedGames\DCS\Liveries"
or unzip it on "DCS World\CoreMods\WWII Units\MosquitoFBMkVI\Liveries\"
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