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DCS: World 2.7
F-16C Viper

Iron Eagle Campaign (F-16C / Persian Gulf)

Type - Campaign
Author - forestrat
Date - 09/16/2021 18:50:02
Assume the role of Doug Masters, a young pilot just graduating high school, as he embarks on the mission of a lifetime to rescue his father who was shot down in the Middle East and taken prisoner.  Based on the 1986 TriStar Pictures film "Iron Eagle."

Example install path:
C:\Users\ForestRat\Saved Games\DCS\Missions\Campaigns\en\Iron Eagle

F-16C and the Persian Gulf map are required.  Tested working with that was released on September 17th, 2021.

It appears ED increased the wind threshold that dictates which runway the AI will use, so I had to bump it up to 5kts for Chappy to use RWY 31.
v1.1d - September 17th, 2021
-M01: Fixed landing F-16s
-M01: Added centerline fuel tank
-M02: Fixed Chappy's runway selection

v1.1c - September 16th, 2021
-ALL: Added clouds
-M01: Moved bombing range
-M02: Fixed AAR audio triggers

Report all bugs and feedback here.
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  • Language: English
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