Operation "Golden Cobra" - 2001 (fictional)

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DCS: World 2.7
A-10C II Tank Killer

Operation "Golden Cobra" - 2001 (fictional)

Author - Mightymoo
Date - 08/27/2021 20:10:06
The year is 2001 and the tension is high between Israel and Lebanon. The Lebanese Army has on several occations recently provoked the Israelis by moving units close to the border. Intelligence suggest an imminent artillery attack on Israeli villages.

You need to elliminate the artillery battery located to the North, just over the Lebanese border (8 nm North East of Nahariyya).

In addition the Lebanese Army has been jamming several military radio channels. Destroy the radio tower of possible.
The radio tower can be found using the direction finder (DF) on frequency AM 252 MHz (or visually in map grid YB36).

You will have ground support and optional air support.

Communication with escort on: AM 251 Mhz (default at start-up).

This is an action packed Air-to-Ground mission that will test your skills with the A-10C II
The mission can be played on FIVE different difficulties from EASY to SUICIDAL (choose via F-10 menu when prompted in the mission).

The mission is interactive and have 25 triggers and 20 voice-overs (by Azure Neural Network), and took a week to complete.
Have done lots of testing, but if you find anything strange, please comment below.

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