Mi-24: Sneak Attack on Weapons Smuggling Operation

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DCS: World 2.7

Mi-24: Sneak Attack on Weapons Smuggling Operation

Author - rep3t3
Date - 08/27/2021 03:09:10
Undercover agents have infiltrated a local arms dealer smuggling operation. Our intelligence indicated that many arms and ammunition are being loaded onto a tanker for transportation to America.

With the operation about to begin, you are to take off ASAP and meetup with two other Mi-24 helicopters at the loading zone west of Antonio Airport.

Your main task is to sink the cargo ship and secondarily you are to destroy the warehouse being used to store the arms.

This mission wont be easy as intelligence indicates that they are armed and ready for us but we need to act fast.

Good Luck

This isn't meant to be all that serious just messing around with the mission editor. There was a severe lack of Mariana Island missions for the Hind
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