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MAR - On the Range - MOOSE - SC (Optional)

Uploaded by - shagrat
Date - 07/31/2021 22:25:09
For F/A-18C, F-14B, AV-8B and UH-1H. Versions with and without SuperCarrier included.

Faralon de Medinilla R-7201

Farrallon de Medinilla (FDM) consists of the island land mass and the restricted airspace designated R-7201. The land mass is approximately 1.7 miles long and 0.3 miles wide. It contains a live-fire and inert bombing range and supports live-fire and inert engagements such as surface-to-ground and air-to-ground gunnery, bombing and missile exercises, fire support, and precision weapons. Restricted Area R-7201 surrounds FDM and the surrounding waters within a 3-NM radius from center extending from the surface to Flight Level (FL) 600.

Take off and fly to your holding area. Fr om there setup your attack runs on the training targets at FDM.

Tune your radio to the range frequency (260.0 MHz AM PRE 14) to check in.

On the south end of FDM is a "strafe pit" for gun runs.
It must be approached fr om EAST to WEST (heading 260-280) and consists of an old school bus marked with red smoke.

Range Insructor will assess your passes.

NOTES: If you are new to things like "bomb triangle, Z-diagram/parameters, Roll-in or Aim-off-point" I recommend to research a bit on the subject and activate "unlimited ammo" to use the time on the range effectively.

Keep in mind this is a training environment, not a training course for bombing techniques.

The Range functionality is basically the MOOSE Function "On-the-Range" and offers a variety of features and settings through the F10 menu.

You can find detailed information about the MOOSE functions and the Range script on the DCS Forums or the MOOSE Community Discord, GitHub ot simply by searching he web for " DCS MOOSE ".

Thanks to Flight-control, FunkyFranky, Pikes, Applevangelist and all the other developers and supporters of the brilliant MOOSE Scripting Framework. Credit, where credit is due!
EDIT: Added NO SuperCarrier Version, Frequency for AV-8B fixed.
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