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DCS: World 2.7

Bell 47 Flyable Helicopter (EFM)

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - Numnuts
Date - 05/24/2021 20:37:08
Bell 47 hellicopter. ....... think *M*A*S*H*......... the helicopter with the stretchers landing in Korean war?.... that's the one! You can now take control.


new link by cerealex (thanks!)

Upuart's and nibbylot's


Original Model and Spray and stretcher code, upuart.
FM, Mod structure and EFM code nibblylot.

Gunner model Andy Woodhead

Conversion by FreddyStoned and Hawkeye60

Thanks go out to upuart and nibblylot for their work and permissions.

Have fun!


Bell47 Cold Start Procedure

1. Power Selector Switch for battery (B) or ground power (LCTRL+B).
2. Hold Starter Switch (Home) until RPM is above 13%.
3. Push Thottle Idle cutoff (End) to allow fuel flow to start and continue holding Starter Switch until RPM reaches 58+%.
4. Turn on Generator and Inverter Switches or the battery will not charge.
5. Increase RPM to 100% by turning throttle (Page Up) or down (PageDown).
6. Do not keep RPM above 105% for prolonged periods, this will cause engine overheating.

N: Toggle Night Vision Goggles
LALT+L: Flashlight

1: Pilot Seat
2: Copilot Seat

Gunner is NOT selectable.
THE BELL47 CANNOT LAND ON WATER. The Floats are for display only.

To fire using the gunner, you must click the "Cleared To Fire" switch.
Gunner will fire where the pilot is looking (within his arc of fire).
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