Fictional RNZAF F-16A-15AM OCU NZ6522 (Semi-Dirty)

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F-16C Viper
Fictional RNZAF F-16A-15AM OCU NZ6522 (Semi-Dirty)

Fictional RNZAF F-16A-15AM OCU NZ6522 (Semi-Dirty)

Type - Skin
Author - tehaviata
Date - 05/16/2021 09:33:06
Fictional RNZAF F-16A OCU Scheme for NZ6522 (Semi-Dirty).

Extras with detailed landing gear, fuel tanks, and small changes to the pilot patches, aircraft's weathering and paint are provided in the link below. Apologies for the two files, the cap is 300MB and this exceeds it.
The link for the extras is: and I certainly recommend using them for getting the best visuals.

NZ6525 (90-0943) was originally to go to the PAF prior to being embargoed.
It was built in the early 90's and went straight into Davis-Montham AFB in 1992 awaiting shipment.

A deal was signed by the NZ government in 1998 to lease 28 F-16A/B.
However with the change of government the deal was cancelled along with the disbandment of the Air Combat Wing in late 2001.

Following the cancellation 90-0943 went on to serve with the US Navy (NSAWC) with bort number 51.
The lively retained the Pakistani scheme as the aircraft were leased and RNZAF markings were applied over the top.

I've also placed the RNZAF Viper patch, the 75 SQN patch and FLTLT rank on the pilot.
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