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DCS: World 2.7
F-14 Tomcat
Sandstrom Training Camp mini campaign 1.01

Sandstrom Training Camp mini campaign 1.01

Type - Campaign
Author - mtpyst
Date - 05/06/2021 16:01:33
Four mission F-14B training campaign with custom ATC and pilot communication. DCS World 2.7 and Nevada Test and Training Range required.

Welcome to the Nellis airbase and the Sandstrom training 1998. Sandstrom training is a four-day exercise hosted together by the US Navy and the US Air Force. Every pilot from all fighter squadrons of the Navy and the USAF will be send to Nellis on regular intervals to practice their core expertise. This week it was your turn.

About half of your squadron VF-24 Fighting Renegades are participating training this week before your six-month deployment at sea. There are also eight F/A-18Ds of VMF-314 Black Knights participating from your Carrier Air Wing Nine. E-2D Hawkeyes of VAW-117 and many of the instructors come also from Navy of course. USAF has sent F-16s from 22nd fighters squadron Stingers, F-15s from 12th fighter squadron, B-1s and some F-117s. Air-to air refueling service is provided by USAF KC-135s.

Most of you are experienced pilots. Many of you have gone through Top Gun, Red Flag and many other trainings. Many of you have also flown real combat missions against real enemy. So you know what you are doing. Purpose of the Sandstrom is bring together pilots from different squadrons trained for different tasks. It’s not very common for any one of you to have chance of flying against different kind of fighters using different tactics and intercept real bombers. It’s also rare possibility for AWACS radar operators of you wing to have chance of guiding you through intercept against multiple enemies at once.

With your F-14s you will be training your most important task during next 6 months, carrier fleet defense. Your wing is playing blue side against reds from USAF. Red side is also doing their best trying to maintain air superiority and destroying your carrier. So it’s time to use those top gun skills you have been taught.

- Mission objectives clarified - mission will be completed if you are parked within Nellis Air Base. If you still get thrown back to last mission by campaign engine just end mission when it starts and mission should be accomplished.
- Campaign win -picture changed to right size

Unzip the "Sandstrom Training Camp 1.01" Folder to main DCSOpenbeta\Mods\aircraft\F14\missions\campaigns.

Please report any bugs or inconsistencies and I will try to fix them.
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