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Cold War Warrior Refurbished (DCS 2.7.0)

Type - Campaign
Author - Skuva
Date - 04/29/2021 13:20:27
A refurbishment of the Cold War Warrior campaign that comes with the Su-25A. It contains fixes and adjustments so the campaign works closer to what was originally intended. There is also some new optional features designed to make it more enjoyable.

Disclaimer: It does not contain all of the missions. I ended up choosing one of two missions from each stage, based on personal preference, that means it contains 10 missions in total. I might add the other 10 in the future.
Disclaimer 2: This is my first time fiddling with missions of such complexity, so there might still be problems out there. Please leave your feedback.

Major changes to this campaign are:
   - Corrected dates. The whole campaign should happen during winter (lore-wise) and all the original images related with the campaign always had snowy backgrounds.
   - A rudimentary checkpoint system. Whenever you die past a certain point it will automatically load back to the checkpoint. Alternatively you can use "Other... > Skip to checkpoint" radio command to skip all the take off and flight to the NAV/Rendezvous point. The current limitation is that whenever the checkpoint is loaded it will give you the default payloads.
   - Adjusted completion conditions and triggers. The player will be notified when the mission is 100% complete after leaving the danger zone and will be able to choose to either quit or flight back to the airbase. This, along with the skip function, can reduce the mission duration by more than half the time.
   - Upd ated weather for the new 2.7.0 clouds. Previously some missions would get weird clouds at low alt making them a real pain.

Changes and feature for quieter flights:
   - Radio command option (Other... > Mute wingman) to mute all wingman's call outs. Made specially to deal with "mudspike" spam.
   - No AI will report waypoint pass. None of those would be useful anyway.
   - Radio is se t to "Player's communication only" by default, so no spammy AWACS or other AI flights spam (unless the player choose to). Can still be contacted.
   - RWR off by default. Will only notify you when being locked or fired at. Recommended to turn it on near the objectives.

Fixes on AI behavior, so most of them do a proper work, such as:
   - CAS/Strike AI actually attack their targets.
   - AWACS provides info through the whole mission.
   - SEAD AI is not afraid of SAM's and will try to take them down before CAS flights ingress.
   - CAP/Fighter AI will not just fly around and kill themselves flying 300m over enemy SAM's.
   - Standardized AI skill level, so they at least try to hit their targets.

Fixes on loadouts and flight plan of AI:
   - All default payloads have been adjusted to better suit the missions/story and match other similar flights. As said before, although you can, it is not advised to use custom payloads, because using the checkpoint will reset it.
   - Some flight plans would have the ingress point behind enemy lines right above SAM sites. Modified for a more reasonable and safe front approach.
   - AI will (probably) not kill itself when trying to cross the mountains.
   - AI will not just give up before reaching their targets for the lack of fuel.
   - AI flights should now get to their objectives more punctually. Fighters will engage enemy fighters, then SEAD comes and take down enemy air defences and then CAS get the job done. But safe flights are not guaranteed.
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