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DCS: World 2.7
CFrag's Hover, Damn!

CFrag's Hover, Damn!

Author - CFrag
Date - 04/19/2021 09:40:42
A Helicopter Hover Trainer (all helicopter types)

To be able to hover is like being able to parallel park a car. Difficult, unimpressive, and a prerequisite for flying any helicopter.

Well, here's a small mission that helps you hone that skill with any of DCS's currently available flyable Helicopters.

The mission also throws in some element of scoring to keep you on your toes. Or rather, to keep you keep your toes on your rudder. Oh, and Instructor/Trainer MP setup tentatively supported (requires more testing)


It's the small things. "The enemy gate is down", "Walk before you run" - with helicopters it's "Hover before you Soar". Hovering is not only a quintessintial skill, it's also dedidedly difficult to learn. Which explains the abundance of training tools available for budding rotor heads... Errrr...

No more. Named after the favorite exclamation of all levitationally challenged chopper jocks-to-be, "Hover, Danm!" is a helicopter hover trainer. It won't teach you how it's done right (only time can do that), but it provides you with an environment to train up and hone your "just the effing stay there!" skill.

In this mission you choose a Helicopter (all current DCS fyable helicopters supported) and the use the F10 Option in Communications to request a hover exercise from Central

A second later, your helicopter - whereever it may be - is surrounded by a ring of cheap disposable objects to mark the zone. Increase cyclic, and once you hover, try to stay centered in this ring. Every second you are scored, and the score is added to your total -- until you touch down, explode, or drift out of the ring.

That's all.

Simple right?

So when do you know you are good at hovering? Sad truth: never. Good enough? When you start noticing just how much is going on at Sochi around you.

"Hover Damn" supports Instructor/Student setup. Instructors can fly the helicopter anywhere and initiate the mission there. Perimeter marks will be constructed on the spot (after touch down of course).

Mission Designer Notes
You can add any client-controlled helicopter anywhere on the map. The mission will automatically work with that helicopter as well.

To install, download and move "CFrags Hover damn!.miz" to
    C:\Users\[your user name]\Saved Games\DCS\Missions\
    C:\Users\[your user name]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions\

Start DCS, then click
    - Mission (Note: NOT Training)
    - My Missions tab (upper left)
    - CFrags Hover Damn!

- Allow observer craft
- Add minimum hover height
- Enforce heading on higher levels

Version History
v1.01 - 20210419
Initial Release
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: English
  • Size: 2.68 Mb
  • Downloaded: 112
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Tags: UH-1H, Ka 50, SA 342, Mi-8