RAN A-4E-C Skyhawk *8 PACK* **UPDATED**

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RAN A-4E-C Skyhawk *8 PACK* **UPDATED**

Type - Skin
Author - Helles Belle
Date - 03/30/2021 09:22:17

These replace the two 4 packs previously uploaded.

Many changes to the skin:
- Exhaust has been modeled inside & out with rivets, panel lines and heat wear.
- Boom nozzle has been skinned to represent more real world.
- Oil & grime added to the wheels
- Tyre rubber dulled
- Most bare metal parts have had the roughmet changed to tone down the 'shine'.
- Light gull grey & white adjusted to correct colour.
- Pilot helmets painted & unit patches added to all aircraft.
- Roundels corrected to correct size.
- Fictional LV colours adjusted
- Non slip surface added to all aircraft
- Stencils updated.
- Cannons recoloured and textured for a more metallic look & powder residual at muzzle flash supressor.

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