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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
Logitech G940 for Hornet

Logitech G940 for Hornet

Author - ampentium2
Date - 03/29/2021 16:30:07
Axis and Buttons binds for Logitech G940

These files contains the binding profile (in the format of *.diff.lua) that you can load inside DCS to use.

My throttle has few buttons that's not functioning that I'm not bothered to fix, as such those buttons are not bound to anything.

I don't see the modifier buttons are defined in any of the files, but I uses the throttle's front upper buttons (labeled T3 on the throttle) as the modifier button for some of the functions. This profile has been refined to works best with my flow, your mileage might vary. You don't need any Logitech's Profile to use with this bindings.
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