Hormuz Furball - F-15C/F-22A - version 1.0

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DCS: World 2.5
Hormuz Furball - F-15C/F-22A - version 1.0

Hormuz Furball - F-15C/F-22A - version 1.0

Author - marginal
Date - 03/26/2021 04:14:12
Grinnelli’s F-22A mod is required. It’s available for download at: https://fsoutlet.com/f22/

You have a choice of flying the F-15C or Grinnelli’s F-22A on this air-to-air mission. You and your wingman can start hot on the ramp at Al Minhad AFB / Sharjab Intl / Khasab or in the air northeast of Sharjab at 35,000 feet.

At mission start 2 AI F-22s will scramble from Al Minhad towards Iran. After the initial scramble you must fly subsequent intercept missions yourself. As friendly aircraft enter Iranian airspace Iranian Mig-29s will scramble from Bandar Abbas to intercept. Iranian SU-25Ts will also begin SEAD operations against blue SAM sites.

Intercept missions:
You can fly intercept missions by selecting: Radio menu > Contact AWACS Darkstar 5-1 > request “bogey dope”

Once Iranian fighter aircraft are detected in the Bandar Abbas area, Command Center will activate and you can select: Radio Menu > Other > Command Center > Assign Task. You will be assigned an intercept mission and get a constantly updated BRA position report as you fly towards the target aircraft.

You can also pick other intercept tasks by selecting: Radio Menu > Other > Command Center > Mission Intercept Tasks > Join Planned Tasks

Look at currently planned tasks: Radio Menu > Other > Command Center > Mission Intercept Tasks > Task Reports > Report Planned Tasks

If you require assistance from other intercept aircraft:  Radio Menu > Other > Request Intercept to scramble F-22s or F15s from Al Minhad (MIN) or Sharjab (SHA).

Escort missions available:
There are also 3 blue SEAD missions planned. Pick a SEAD mission and provide additional escort protection across the Persian Gulf to Iranian SAM sites. Radio Menu > Other > Air Tasking Request > Execute SEAD attack. Rendezvous with the SEAD package over Al Minhad AFB between 6000 and 7000 feet and escort to their targets and back.

Waypoint 1 is runway threshold runway 08 Abu Musa Airport
Waypoint 2 is runway threshold runway 19 Khasab Airport and BULLSEYE
Both airports are recommended if bingo fuel
Waypoint 3 is the runway threshold of the airport you departed, Al Minhad(09) or Sharjah(12L).
Waypoint 3 for air start aircraft is the runway threshold 12L at Sharjah.

Tanker support:
There is a tanker on a 30 mile east-west track near Ras Al Khaimah at 25,000 feet

Weather Conditions on June 21 at 0530 local time:
Temperature 25C
Clear skies
3 ½ miles in fog below 1000 feet
Light winds from the southeast.
Altimeter QNH 29.92

To reduce radio chatter select: right shift and backslash twice

Red Task:

Maintain air superiority over the Strait of Hormuz. Execute SEAD attacks on blue SAM sites.

Blue Task:

Defend blue SAM sites and blue SEAD aircraft. Regain air superiority over the Strait of Hormuz

See additional briefing images here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vaysmomtgx2k8kh/Hormuz%20Furball.zip?dl=0

Special thanks to:

Grinnelli for the F-22A mod. Available at: https://fsoutlet.com/f22/

MOOSE scripting. @funkyfranky (squadron/auftrag) @flightcontrol (air to air dispatch)

@khopa and the DCS Liberation Dev Team for creating the CJTF coalition. This allows you to use any vehicle or aircraft in any coalition.

The following add-ons are not required but will enhance your DCS experience:

Better Smoke for DCS World 2.5.6 https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312017/

DiCE: DCS Integrated Countermeasure Editor v4.2 by Bailey https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312680/
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