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Type - Skin
Author - Helles Belle
Date - 03/24/2021 06:05:16
**UPDATED 28-03-21**    
3 versions of the A-4 that the RNZAF flew + a fictional modern LV version.

Updated all versions.
Apologies for the inconvenience, if you have already downloaded the previous version simple copy these folders over the top.

-    Corrected colour on NZ6203 & NZ6216
-    Re-sized tiki & corrected position of tiki on all versions
-    Corrected roundel on all versions
-    Fixed camouflage alignment & missing textures on NZ6217
-    Corrected engine intake colour on NZ6217
-    Minor corrections to rough met file on all versions
-    Adjusted colour of fuel boom nozzle
-    Added decals and corrected others
-    Added dirty wheels
-    Added grey non painted area to external antennas
-    Added pilot helmet and patch
-    Added NO STEP ‘feet’ to 150 & 300 gal fuel tanks
-    Oh yeah, swapped out the beautiful Helen for a more ordinary local Kiwi on the photograph.

Thank you to Wolfdog for sending me down this path and to Tricky for their help on colour & roundel correction & and much more.
And thank you to Plusnine for help and lua modification re: undercarriage.
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