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UH-1H Huey
Night Angels v1.5

Night Angels v1.5

Author - YogSothoth
Date - 02/14/2021 03:04:02
The battle for Jasim is raging. Scramble with a flight of Hueys on a CASEVAC mission to extract troopers from the battlefield as night falls.
Look for signal flares to find all the groups to be evacuated, use NVGs and your spotlight to facilitate the search.

Mission is ideal for 1 - 3 UH-1H Huey pilots and AI crew.

*v1.5 : Improved illumination over landing sites.

==Night Angels==

December 7th, 2016, Syria

The battle for Jasim is still  raging. Several infantry unit casualties need to be evacuated to a medical camp behind our lines. A flight of Hueys will use the cover of darkness to attempt the evacuation.



+ Look for green flares and green smoke east of the battlefield.

+Use NVGs and Searchlight when appropriate to locate the casualties.

+Blue smoke will mark the medical camp.

+Return to Camp Kinneret base, heading 221 from medical camp or Kyriat Shmona Airport helipad.

Rescue all 4 groups for complete success.

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