F-16C Datatape Module for VoiceAttack (Quick load custom steerpoints

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DCS: World 2.5
F-16C Viper

F-16C Datatape Module for VoiceAttack (Quick load custom steerpoints

Type - Utility
Uploaded by - JaymZZZ
Date - 02/09/2021 05:56:41
F-16C Voice Attack module based on Bailey's VA module which includes the ability to automatically add a large number of steerpoints from a text file. It can add roughly 12-15 per minute and it is very useful for those who are in virtual fighter squadrons or those who use realism and require the steerpoints to be loaded from within the jet.

Code and details can also be found here:

VA-Datatape for DCS F-16C Viper
Voice Attack Datatape for the DCS F-16C Viper

New Features in 0.0.4
I have added a few new features and commands that will make things even better:

You can comment out individual rows in the datatape file be prepending it with a #
You can ins ert inline comments on the end of any line surrounded by []
Multi file support - You can create and call up to 13 different files with semi-custom names in the format datatape_<alpha|bravo|charlie|delta|echo|foxtrot|golf|hotel|india|juliet|kilo|lima|mike>_<ANYTHING_YOU_WANT>.txt
You can dynamically edit the datatape text files and recall them without restarting VA or DCS
All you need to do to use it is:

download the .vab file and import it in to Voice Attack. If you already have a voice attack profile, you can either import this into that profile or you can import it as a separate profile and link them. (VoiceAttack README explains how to do this - https://voiceattack.com/howto.aspx)
Create a coordinate file in one of the following locations (example file included in repo)
C:\Users\YOUR_USER\Saved Games\DCS.Openbeta\Datatape\datatape.txt
C:\Users\YOUR_USER\Saved Games\DCS\Datatape\datatape.txt
C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Datatape\datatape.txt
If you are already using an existing profile. Configure your existing profile to include the DataTape profile by:
Click "Edit Profile" (Alt + E) on your existing profile
Next to the profile name, click on "Options"
Use one of the two voice commands:
"Load Datatape" - loads all steerpoints in the file
"Load Datatape waypoint X" - loads only steerpoint X from the file
In the popup window, click the "..." button next to "Include Commands from other Profiles"
In the next popup, click the plus sign
Sel ect the "Datatype vX.X.X" profile
Click OK on all pop up windows
Click "Apply" in the bottom right of the options window
There are 4 total voice commands:

Load Datatape - This command will load all uncommented steerpoints the default datatape_txt file
Load Datatape Steerpoint <NUMBER> - This command will only load steerpoint X (example 3) fr om the default datatape_txt file
Load Datatape file <alpha|bravo|charlie|delta|echo|foxtrot|golf|hotel|india|juliet|kilo|lima|mike> - This command will load all steerpoints any file matching the name you called. For example if you say "load datatape file bravo" it will look for a file named datatape_bravo_*.txt. You can customize the name of the file as long as you leave the first part the way it needs to be
Load Datatape file <alpha|bravo|charlie|delta|echo|foxtrot|golf|hotel|india|juliet|kilo|lima|mike> Steerpoint <NUMBER> - This command will load only the specific steerpoint from any file matching the name you called.

inline.vb file listed here is for informational purposes to show you the inner workings of the script. When you import the .vab file, the inline file is pre-loaded.
This profiles only works for the F-16C Viper at this time. More aircraft can be added, time permitting.
This profile can cause conflict with heavily modified profiles and will almost certainly have issues if you have remapped your ICP buttons to use anything other than "L Ctrl + NumPad X"
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