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DCS: World 2.5

Nevada - Blue Coalition - Airbase Static Templates

Author - Rudel-Chw
Date - 01/18/2021 23:31:29
I want to share a Set of 16 Static Templates that I edited to provide scenery objects and air defense for each Airbase on the Nevada Map. These Templates make use of five User Mods, that must be installed prior to actually using the Templates on the Mission Editor. They are:

1) VPC Airfield Equipment Mod, by @voc, originally available here:

However, download instead an updated version of this Mod from this link:!Ai6cuX3YQI26h4xg4260mM02r87dGQ?e=rxOTR4

The file is in OvGME format for use with a Mod Manager. The Mod should be installed on the path /Saved Games/DCS/Mods/tech

2) Nato Personnel & Items, by @Suntsag:

3) Civil Aircrafts Mod, by @cdpkobra, @popChar and @ sth0s :

4)Marston Mat Mod, by @Suntsag:

5) Civil Vehicles, by @JoeRowe. Used only on McCarran template. The original Mod isn't fully compatible with the current version of DCS, so you should download this customized version where I placed only the vehicles that do work:!Ai6cuX3YQI26hsJugq_0nbzWnm3QQQ?e=riSrmp

None of the above Mods impact on the Multiplayer game, as they are all installed on the /Saved Games/ path.

To improve detail, I suggest to make use of these additional items, tough they are not strictly required:

1) To replace the ugly green Farps of the standard DCS, I use the Desert FARP v3 Mod by @Suntsag:

2) To provide desert skins for the ground AI vehicles, use these liveries by @easypeac3:

IMPORTANT: Please, if you want to comment or have an issue with this Templates, please don't use the comment box below as I will not be alerted about it, instead post your comment or issue on this Forum thread:
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