P-51D Profile for VoiceAttack - Steam Voice Chat (v1.3)

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P-51D Profile for VoiceAttack - Steam Voice Chat (v1.3)

P-51D Profile for VoiceAttack - Steam Voice Chat (v1.3)

Author - drandall
Date - 01/18/2021 00:13:15
P-51D VoiceAttack Profile for DCS with Steam Voice Chat functionality.

• Version 1.1 - New aircraft control commands added
• Version 1.2 - Original version did not included commands to cause VoiceAttack to stop/start listening when the PTT button was pushed/released
• Version 1.3 - Modified key press operation for PTT and RTL commands - changed from "toggle" operation to "press and hold' (PPT)  and "release" (RTL)

Although VoiceAttack is pretty easy to configure, I recently finished my VoiceAttack profile for the P-51D in DCS and thought I'd share it with anyone that might be interested. I created this profile specifically for operations in the P-51D that were either difficult or cumbersome to perform while under a VR headset, especially those needed while in flight.

One unique feature of this profile is that it contains a "push-to-talk" joystick command that when pushed, causes VoiceAttack to stop listening and opens the "Steam Voice Chat" microphone so your friends connected via Steam Voice Chat can hear you talk. This prevent VoiceAttack from inadvertently executing a command while your talking to your friends. Releasing the PTT joystick button causes VoiceAttack to start listening again. My group selected to use Steam Voice Chat because (1) DCS voice chat was problematic for us, and (2) with Steam, conversations can still take place whether the game/server is running or not.

A PDF file is included that provides information about how to setup and use both this profile and Steam Voice Chat (optional).

*Requires licensed version of VoiceAttack
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
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