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DCS: World 2.5
EA-6B - VAQ-140

EA-6B - VAQ-140

Type - Skin
Author - Easypeac3
Date - 01/13/2021 21:29:47
Four VAQ-140 'Patriots' skins for the VSN EA-6B. Added more details (2021/01/17)

Those are skins of the VAQ-140 'Patriots' for the new VSN EA-6B. Numbers 500, 501, 502 and 503.

I could not read the pilots names on the photos, so i tried to guess. I'd be glad to correct that, if anybody has some reference.

You'll find the download link for the EA-6B on the forumpage -->  https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/256589-vsn-northrop-grumman-ea-6b-prowler/?tab=comments#comment-4518391

If you wanna use the tank texures included in the '500' folder, put them in a folder named 'AeroWeapons' in Bazar\World\Textures.

Then add this line into the EA_6B.lua  -->      { CLSID = "{0395076D-2F77-4420-9D33-087A4398130B}" ,arg_value = 0.0},     -- PTB-275
You'll see where to put that. BUT it will also change the F-5 tank textures.

BEWARE: The skins share files to save space. Filehubs are the 'US NAVY - VAQ-140 - 500' and 'US NAVY - VAQ-140 - 501' folder.

Update 2021/01/16:      - Corrected color mishap on tails (501-503)

Update 2021/01/17:      - Added roundels to the wings
                        - Added more decals and more details

Credits go out to Urbi for the beautiful templates he created. I developed those templates further and added some details and other stuff.

As always, if you have some suggestions or accurate references, please write them in the comments. Or PM me on ED forum, my name there is Easy-P.



FIND MY OTHER WORK HERE   ---->   https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/?CREATED_BY=Easypeac3&set_filter=Y&PER_PAGE=100
FIND MY TEMPLATES HERE                ---->   https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/145943-various-ai-templates/?do=findComment&comment=4501269

You will find mostly skins for the AI. Like the E-2, E-3, KC-135, S-3 and some more. And of course there are the desert skins for all ground vehicles. HAVE A LOOK!!!

For content creators and server owners:
If you want to feature any of my skins in a video or use them on your servers, you are FREE to do so. Credits are not really necessary, but of course appreciated.


Installation:  Put the folder "Liveries" from the zip into your "...\Saved Games\DCS\..." or "...Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\...." folder.

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