F/A-18C Kneeboard Suite - RWR Threats, HARM Radar Codes - Updated 25 May 2024

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F/A-18C Kneeboard Suite - RWR Threats, HARM Radar Codes - Updated 25 May 2024

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Uploaded by - Minsky
Date - 01/13/2021 05:45:39
Don't let this pesky Shilka get to you while you're targeting that Buk. Compatible with the Viper.


25 May 2024
- Tiny update: Heatblur's Phantom added. It's not in the database yet, so Hornet's RWR displays it as an unknown contact.

20 December 2023
- ED rolled back previous changes and merged two SA-10's Flap Lids into one RWR entity.
- SA-10 got its own Tin Shield model. It shares the RWR symbol and HARM ID with the SA-5's Tin Shield.


This kneeboard page offers the complete list of all airborne, ground, and naval emitters currently detectable by the Hornet's RWR. All information comes frоm my own research and file digging, and has been cross-checked against several other sources.

All ranges have been measured manually using the worst-case scenario: a non-maneuvering F/A-18C (ECM off, lights on) flying directly towards the threat at medium speed, on a sunny day. "Excellent" ground threats were placed at sea level. "Ace" airborne threats were spawned at 20,000 feet and commanded to launch their best missiles at maximum range. Obviously, under different circumstances, your mileage may vary.

It should be emphasized that the data show the maximum distance and altitude at which you will be fired at. It doesn't guarantee that the missile possesses enough energy to reach you. This is particularly true for air combat, where maximum ranges typically exceed optimum ranges by 30-50 percent.

Note that I'm not revisiting the ranges with each patch, unless something is reported or suspected wrong.

This kneeboard is compatible with the Viper.


Extract the downloaded archive, then copy the "FA-18C_hornet" folder into your "Saved Games\DCS (or DCS.openbeta)\KNEEBOARD\" directory. You may need to create the "KNEEBOARD" folder if it doesn't exist.


This Kneeboard Suite is designed as a three-part package. You can complement it with two additional downloads:
* Checklists, Quickstart, Ordnance - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314313/
* CASE I/II/III, ACL, Overhead Break, LSO Grades - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314314/

PDF with all three parts combined:
* Day variant - https://dimon.one/dimon/files/FA-18C_Kneeboard_Suite_Day_by_DimOn_latest.pdf
* Night variant - https://dimon.one/dimon/files/FA-18C_Kneeboard_Suite_Night_by_DimOn_latest.pdf




Feedback and updates: https://forum.dcs.world/topic/266375-fa-18c-kneeboard-suite/

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