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DCS: World 2.5
Persian Gulf Variable (SP and MP)

Persian Gulf Variable (SP and MP)

Author - Apache600
Date - 12/25/2020 14:22:36
- Version 1.4 -
Hello and Welcome to the Persian Gulf Variable mission.

This is an all-in-one style Air-Ground, Air-Air attack mission for the Persian Gulf map, and supports every flyable platform in DCS.  There are over 50 different missions that can be played inside this one mission.  In order to activate a mission, you MUST select it through the F10 radio menu option.  Once completed with a mission, you will have the option of selecting a new mission.   If you selected a mission that you no longer wish to complete, or have selected a mission in error, you can use the "Auto-complete" radio option to delete the units and go back to the main menu.    ** NOTE - if you select the "auto-complete" option, you can no longer attack that missions units in the future. **

All Fixed wing aircraft start at 4 different Airports, or 3 different Carrier’s: Al Minhad AB, Al Maktoum AB, Dubai Intl, Sharjah Intl, CV-40 Tarawa, CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt, or the Admiral Kuznetsov .  All the helicopters start at Al Maktoum AB.  The fleet consisting of 3 Carriers is sailing NorthEast - SouthWest, starting just north of the Palm Jebel Ali man made island.  The Kuznestov has 4 Su-33’s, the Tarawa has 4 AV-8B’s, while the Theodore Roosevelt has 2 F-14A(late)’s, 4 F-14B’s, 4 F-18’s and the Mod of Interest (Sea) and Plane of Interest (Sea) platforms which are defaulted to 3 F-14B’s and 3 F-18’s  

None of the aircraft have ordinance already loaded.  So don't forget to load something!  

For the Rescue/Transport Missions, only helicopters and the Harrier can complete the RoofTop Helipad mission.  All other Rescue/Transport missions can be completed by any airframe.

Ground Mission Difficulty definitions:
   Unattended Depots:  No enemy return fire.
   Easy - Intended to be completed by a single player. Air defense includes small arms and vehicle mounted machine guns.  
   Medium - Can be completed by a more competent single player, but really intended for 2+ players.   Air defense includes AAA vehicles (guns) some with radar capability.  And a possible short range IR SAM unit.
   Hard - Intended for a small group, or team, of players.  Air defense includes multiple SAM's, both IR and Radar.
   Very Hard - Intended for a team of players.  Air defenses are extremely formidable.

Air Mission Difficulty definitions:  (These missions are mainly built for 1-2 players, except for the "Large Cap Group's" air missions.  Those are more suited for larger groups of player's flying together.)  Their difficulty ratings are as follows:
   Easy - Either a few non-retaliatory aircraft, or a single fighter or two with guns only. (Vietnam and Modern enemies may have IR missiles)
   Medium - One or more retaliatory aircraft.  Short range missiles possible.
   Hard - Multiple retaliatory aircraft with possibility of both short and long range missiles.
   For “Large CAP Group’s” all difficulties have A-A missiles.

Mission List:
- Unattended Depots: 4 Missions
- Easy Missions: 9 Missions (2 are long distant)
- Medium Missions: 10 Missions (3 are long distant)
- Hard Missions: 9 Missions (2 are long distant)
- Very Hard Missions: 6 Missions (all are long distant)
- Strike Missions:  4 Missions
- Rescue / Transport: 4 Missions
- Air-Air Missions: 7 Genres, with 3 missions inside each (4 in Bombers/Transports)

AWAC's is available at 257Mhz (Chan 2 for aircraft that need it, Chan G for Viggen)  AWAC is set to Immortal and Invisible.

Tanker aircraft are KC-135’s
    Texaco operates a boom.  Freq 277Mhz (Chan 3)
     Arco operates 2 Drogue Baskets.  Freq 279Mhz (Chan 4)
Tankers are set to Invisible.  If the tanker runs out of fuel, or is destroyed, a new one will spawn (only 2 additional spawns for each tanker).

Update Log:

v1.4 :  Added 4 Mi-24’s
           Added 4 AH-64 Placeholders
           Added 3 F4U Land Placeholders
           Added 4 F4U Sea Placeholders
           Added 4 Mosquito Placeholders
           Fixed spelling error in Briefing Page / Kneeboard
           Fixed incorrect Freqs for Tarawa and Roosevelt

v1.3 :  Updated atmospheric conditions for new cloud system

v1.2:  Beach Landings no longer stays after returning to F10 main menu  
          Some enemy ships moved back closer to shore after ED bug fix.
          Place holder text in Helo air - air easy removed.
          Trigger sequences for multiple Air-Air briefings and victories fixed.
v1.1:  Problems with rescue mission pickup and dropoff triggers.  
          No more “smoke” message when delivering package to Dubia.
          Mountain Rest mission played wrong sound track.
          Added additional time for player to land on Helipad in Roof Top Rescue.
          Fixed a few triggers associated with Khasab Mosque strike mission.
          Units at Artillery Zone in Oil Farming mission no longer Disperse.
          Added “distance” next to each mission name in F10 menu.
          Commodity Center destruction fails it’s associated Easy mission.
          Hotel Atlantis destruction fails it’s associated Medium mission.
          Destruction of Warehouse in City Construction mission prompts audio file.
          Canyon Run Audio Files and Text messages now match
          Added additional SAM’s to mountain tops for Canyon Run strike mission.
          Fixed launch range and destruction trigger for SAMs in Canyon Run harbor entrance
          Port King audio trigger fixed.
          Port King enemy fighters route fixed.
          Siri Skirmish brief text time duration fixed
          Siri Skirmish Boat properly spawns.
          Fixed doubled up messages in Air-Air missions.
          Lengthened Tanker Orbits.
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  • Language: English
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