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DCS World 2.5

Raven One Bonus Mission with Skins

Uploaded by - baltic_dragon
Date - 12/18/2020 15:12:37
This is a bonus mission for the Raven One campaign designed for two people. It is the same file as the one included with the Hornet, but contains custom made skins for Ravens and other squadrons. If you like it, please check it out a full Raven One campaign, built together with Kevin Miller, author of the Raven One trilogy and Vinent Aiello, host of the Fighter Pilot Podcast.

Flip and Sponge (two days after Sponge Bob’s barricade trap) are scheduled for a fun low stress day section training hop. Their Hornets are armed with 20mm and 6xMk76.

The plan is to join overhead at angels 11, wait for the launch and recovery to complete, then once the ship steadies out to the northwest call the tower and ask the boss for clearance to bomb and strafe the wake.

Once cleared, the Ravens will enter the pattern for six bombing runs (one bomb each run) and 2-3 strafing runs, dropping and strafing the carrier’s wake, roughly a ship length (1,000 feet).
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