Strike Megiddo radar station

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DCS: World 2.5
MiG-19P Farmer
Strike Megiddo radar station

Strike Megiddo radar station

Author - Leviathan667
Date - 11/29/2020 02:15:13
1966/Apr 12/MiG-19P/Several flights/Ground attack/10:30

After many Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) pilots have fallen in traps set by devious zionist* pilots, our crafty leadership* has decided to punish the enemy by setting a trap of our own making.

Two flights of MiG-19s and -21s have been tasked to stage a mock attack over Kiryat Shmona AB. It is believed this is the base from where non conventional israeli spy aircraft operate. This attack is designed to attract the enemy air force’s attention to the area north of the Sea of Galilee. This diversion will allow you to, and another pair of MiG-19s right behind you, fly without attracting undue attention and to attack their radar station at Megiddo. Destroying it will avenge our martyrs* and severely hamper the Zionists’ ability to plan further ambushes against us.

*Ideological discourse for historical accuracy.


You’re a SyAAF pilot from Al Dumayr air base. Together with your wingman (AI), you are to take off and head to your orbit station, between the towns of As Sanamayn and Kafr Shams. Upon receiving the order to push ahead, fly low and head south. Then follow your flight plan and take cover in the valleys between the territory controlled by the Zionist entity and Jordan. You are to eventually emerge on a westward trajectory about 20 km from the target.

Your armament consists of two rocket pods and two drop tanks.

The mission has an element of randomness built-in as certain events may change how you are supposed to perform it.

The mission takes place in the winter of 1966. To make it feel more real, you can download the Syrian air force 1967 livery following this link:
the following Syrian liveries:


2020-11-29: Fixed  Flak script + random element in the mission (that turned out to be broken)
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