HARM the Bear (SEAD and Anti-Air)

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
HARM the Bear (SEAD and Anti-Air)

HARM the Bear (SEAD and Anti-Air)

Author - Clutchy
Date - 10/15/2020 23:53:33
[Not working correctly in Beta 2.7. Update in progress.]
Note: This mission takes place after Poke the Bear.

As the battle rages on the Western front near Sochi-Adler, Georgia, with her NATO allies, has decided to open a second front to the North. A large number of Russian medium and long-range bombers have been moved to Mozdok airbase. Our plan is to destroy these bombers on the ground this evening.

You will conduct a surprise attack on 2 SAM sites before ordering the ground strike.

This operation will involve more than 2 dozen allied aircraft. You will be the tip of the spear. Follow your waypoints and fly in low to avoid radar detection. Destroy the 2 SA-11 SAM sites as indicated on your map. Once a suitable amount of damage has been inflicted, call in the ground attack (Radio F10). 4 A-10C IIs and 8 B-52 bombers will begin attacking Mozdok airbase approximately 8 minutes after your call.

Once our attack is detected, we expect a significant fighter response. Georgian Migs and American F-15s will be on-station to intercept. Your priority targets are the SAM networks. Assist in countering the fighters, if able.

Playtime: 1 hr.
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