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USAF Weapons School

Author - Avalanche110
Date - 09/26/2020 07:21:01
Welcome to the USAF Weapons School.
This is a dynamic BFM training mission for all modern fighter aircraft in DCS world.
Mission is fully voiced and scripted. It provides a unique experience that will be consistent, regardless of what aircraft you choose to fly.
You will need to be familiar with your aircrafts Avionics in order to successfully navigate this Mission.

Use this mission to learn the flight model of your new module.

A Big thank you to everyone in the MOOSE community that helped with coding.

Note: (MIG-21BIS navigation relies on use of the ARC radio compass.
to use this, download the R_NAV_data_Nevada LUA file available here
Go to your DCS install directory
C: ProgramFiles\EagleDynamics\DCSWorld\Mods\aircraft\MIG-21bis\Cockpit\Systems\

Replace the R_NAV_data_Nevada.lua file with the modified file.
You will now be able to use the ARC navigation system in the mission.

Bug reports and Tacview/track files can be uploaded here.

V2.1 - Updated for DCS 2.7 - Fixed issue effecting M-2000C
V2.0 - Updated altitude advisory for Mig-29A/S, SU-27/33 & J-11
V1.9 - Tankers now remain on station at merge coordinates
V1.8 - Instructor Fails to re-join after engaging Adversaries - Fixed  
V1.7 - Instructor is delayed on Take-off in some circumstances - Fixed
V1.6 - Added C-101 as Client Aircraft.
V1.5 - Random system failures occur in some client aircraft - fixed
V1.4 - Updated triggers to prevent overlapping Dialogue under some circumstances.
V1.3 - Bug fix for F-14A
V1.2  - Updated to Include F-14A
V1.1  - Updated Navigation for Mig-15, Mig-19 and F-86
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: English
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