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DCS: World 2.5

Persian Gulf Dynamic Tasks (SP)

Uploaded by - toutenglisse
Date - 09/19/2020 17:38:20
Update v7 : see changelog.
Multi-modules Single Player mission for Persian Gulf map, containing several randomized tasks and made using DCS and MIST 4.5.95 scripting, and voiced with google TTS. Includes a modified version of "JTAC Autolase".
Modules supported : A10cII, F16c, F18c, Ka50, M2000c (and supercarrier).

Choose a coalition side, an airframe and a base that will define your area of operation. Then choose a loadout to match the task type you want to perform.

All activities during mission are controlled by using the F10 radio menu item.
Completing tasks will give you "support points" that you can spend in "support aircraft" menu. You start with an amount of points.
Completing 4 tasks will unlock a bonus "projection task" that you can then start whenever you want.

Good flights

F10 radio menu gives access to :
Tasking - Air and ground - randomized tasks over area of operation. You'll also find here datas for actual task, and possibility to call markers and to skip task. (tasks : fighters / bombers / heli interception, defend outpost, anti-platoon, anti-convoy, SEAD (with and without radar Mngmnt), destroy enemy facility, anti-ship, clear the nest, recon (commandment bunker, and retaliation), Chemical Storages (urban area), escort, courrier, rescue downed crew, capture enemy airbase)
Training - Air - dogfight training with 2 options : Fox2 + guns or guns only.
Support aircraft - all support aircraft options. You need "support points" to call these options. When you buy a wingman you also get in this menu the commands to get info/control on him.
Check score - check here your successfull tasks and support points.
Radio/Nav reminder - all datas you need relative to radio and navigation.
Jtac status - if you requested a Jtac on zone you'll know its actual lased target. You will also be able to ask for enemy units report, and for strike and mark on actual target.

More in depth description of missions here :

Changelog :
v7 (09/24/2021) - Fix of issue causing DCS to freeze when using JTAC.
- Adjusted dynamic parameters for escort task above Khasab area, causing DCS to freeze.
- Adjusted loadouts (M2000c separate Fox1 and AG loadouts).
v6 - correction of many bugs, all scripts overhaul/improvement, features and tasks additions.
- (Fix scripting error in "intercept bombers" task)
- (prevent Tunguska to defend against Mavs in blue A10c SEAD task)
- Jtac is available to all red and blue slots, you can request report for visible enemy units, strike and mark on actual target. Jtac lasing is now efficient against both static and moving targets, by usage of a dynamic leading laser point. Jtac can prioritize main target for some specific tasks, but will also prioritize close range Air Defenses (AAA and short range SAM, with excl. of igla/stinger) if visible.
- Addition of "Vehicles Crews on BDA event" and "ARM detection and Alarm State Management" for SEAD specific task.
- script routines to avoid issues : air defenses to close to runway that prevent AI runway usage, Road path validity check for convoys to avoid static convoys, lengh of convoy's route bounded (for escort task). Ground unit spawns can no longer be merged with scenery objects. No spawn can occure too close to player. Merge missed detection during dogfight training. Min.distance from main base check for "dogfight", and from enemy base for "capture enemy base".  etc...
- Addition of : 2 "Recon" tasks (using F10 menu to report TGP target coordinates), "Chemical Storages (urban area)" task, SEAD is changed to SEAD with and without Radar management, M2000c red slots.
- Wingman can now also report weapons status, go refuel, orbit on position, and set "weapons free (task only)" state (for CAP and SEAD role).
- Pre-load of all used units to avoid short lag when dynamic spawn occures.
- modifications and improvements of all dynamic tasks and allied interactions.
v5 -    Addition of "Clear the Nest" ground task, for all supported modules. Several changes and adjustments.
v4 -     All Ka50 scripts : updated tasks "Courrier" and "Rescue downed crew" due to a bug that appeared with last openBeta update : collision with soldiers is damaging player's aircraft. Now soldiers never come too close to player's aircraft.
v3 -    Changed A10c to A10cII client slots, with A10cII Ai support wingmen and loadouts that includes Gbu-54 and APKWS.
    Updated mission to include latest Mist version (4.4.90).
    Fixed issue with trigger zones that increased size (trigger happening too soon) after completing some specific tasks.
    Changed several other things (adjusted AI skills for wingmen, all default client loadouts, orientation of fixed and mobil sams to cover all azimuth, tanker orbit speed reduced a bit for A10cII, some messages + audio for red side, ...)
v2 -     F16c script : support wingman loadouts modified (+ Mavs and Harms loadouts) - SEAD task and bonus task modified for Agm88c usage.
    M2000c script : modified text and audio for bonus task message.
    Fixed issue with "Jtac Status" menu disappearing when changing client slot.
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