I-16 English Cockpit (Knots Airspeed)

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DCS: World 2.5
I-16 English Cockpit (Knots Airspeed)

I-16 English Cockpit (Knots Airspeed)

Type - Mod
Author - Quartermaster
Date - 19.09.2020 02:48
Complete English conversion for the I-16's cockpit with airspeed read in knots

OctopusG's I-16 for DCS is quite possibly one of the best-made, and most overlooked modules in the DCS portfolio - I felt it was time it got some love.

This is a full conversion of the cockpit's instruments and labels into English, with an airspeed gauge converted to read in KIAS.

Airspeed and tachometer have been marked up with red/green zones for max continuous/takeoff/idle etc as per the manual. For example: on the tachometer, there is a green tick at the manual's specified warmup RPM, with a red tick at max continuous. Airspeed has been marked up with recommended touchdown speed range, and safe gear operation speeds as well.

I believe I have faithfully translated everything in the cockpit to English, though I did take some liberties with the exact wording to communicate the message in a way that is easily understood - if I've made any mistakes, please do comment.

Enjoy your flying clockwork death trap!
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  • Language: English
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