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DCS: World 2.5
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RDAF F-16AM | E-191 Dannebrog V3.1

RDAF F-16AM | E-191 Dannebrog V3.1

Type - Skin
Author - CaptainJakob
Date - 08/30/2020 19:21:30
After great teamwork between me and Kenneth, I am glad to announce the release V3.1 of E-191 from the Royal Danish Airforce (RDAF) aka. "Dannebrogs 800-years anniversary". The livery is not perfect, but most parts are correct. Enjoy the livery and fly high!

On the occasion of the 800th anniversary of Dannebrog, the E-191 has been painted in red/white colours in real life - Now also in DCS World.

V3.0 - Updates to suit newest DCS version incl. a few corrections regarding the paintjob.

V3.1 - Updated new roughmet files which enhances reflections and etc.
        - Added paint to suit fuel tanks and pylons (Choose either between 2 version. V3.1 [White] has white fuel tanks whereas V3.1 [Red & White] suits the livery itself and
           wears "Dannebrog", the danish flag as shown in the pictures.)
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