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DCS: World 2.5
UH-1H Huey

Huey Cargo Slingload

Uploaded by - RocketmanAL
Date - 08/09/2020 18:02:21
This mission takes place in Georgia, at the port of Batumi. Shipping companies have been requesting additional navigational and communication range with Batumi port. To meet this need Georgian government is in the process of constructing a new radio tower on a hill overlooking Batumi. This new radio tower will allow communications and navigational aid to ships several hundred kilometers into the Black Sea. Construction has already begun, but there are no roads leading up to the tower site. All materials and supplies need to be moved in via helicopter. The Georgian Air Force has lent the construction company two of their UH-1 helicopters to assist in the movement of materials but is requiring the company to provide its own pilots. We have been contracted for lift of cargo from the port to the mountaintop construction site.

Slingload the supplies at Batumi port to the hilltop construction site. Place the cargo within the four flags to receive credit for the delivery. Lose of any cargo will lead to failure of the mission.  

The cargo is loaded in three cargo nets on the eastern side of the southern dock, labeled WP 1.

You'll need to carry the cargo to a hill 9 miles south, labeled at WP 2. Drop off location is marked with four flags that you will also use for windage.

(WP 1): Cargo pick-up location
(WP 2): Cargo drop-off location
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