F-14B Tomcat | VF-142 Ghostriders AE 200(1975-76)

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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat
F-14B Tomcat | VF-142 Ghostriders AE 200(1975-76)

F-14B Tomcat | VF-142 Ghostriders AE 200(1975-76)

Type - Skin
Author - _YaeSakura_
Date - 08/06/2020 06:09:43
F-14A(B) Bureau Number 159446, VF-142 Ghostriders circa Early 1976.

F-14A(B) Bureau Number 159446, VF-142 Ghostriders circa Early 1976.

- AE 200 VF-142 Ghostriders livery + Old AIM-54 Phoenix texture.
- Text file with link to the first 5 Tomcats to be assigned to VF-142 Ghostriders in 1975 and 1976.

This .rar file only includes an F-14A Tomcat livery of VF-142 Ghostriders(AE 200) and a text file of the rest of the pack on a Mediafire download page.

Separate package includes:

Included in pack:
- F-14A 80-GR BuNo 159433: AE 201, the first Tomcat to be delivered to VF-142 Ghostriders, initially under the colors of VF-124 Gunfighters prior to transfer. Initially designated as AJ 201 as VF-142 held a different tail code during the first half of 1975. Tail code changed to “AE” after June of 75, the aircraft transferring over to VF-101 Grim Reapers in August of 1977. In October of 1978, it returned to VF-142 as AG 210 before being sent to VF-14 between 1983 to 1988, returning to Ghostriders before its retirement to AMARC in November of 1991.
- F-14A 80-GR BuNo 159439: AE 202, second Tomcat to be delivered to VF-142, also initially being a bird under VF-124. Sent to VF-142 in March of 1975 as AJ 206, then changing to AE 206 in August of 1975 before turning to AE 202 in 1976. The aircraft would be send over to VF-101 in August of 1977 before returning to VF-142 in June of 1978 as AG 204 before transferring to VF-102 Diamondbacks in May of 1982 as AB 105, to which the airframe would be lost off the USS America on the 15th of June 1984.
- F-14A 80-GR BuNo 159437: AE 203, third Tomcat delivered to VF-142, starting as AJ 203 and then to AE 203 between September of 1976 to 77, changing to AE 207 fr om September of 1977 to January of 1978, changing again to AG 203 from October of 78 to 79. The airframe was sent to VF-31 Tomcatters as AC 211 and then to AC 203 between 1981 to 1984, transferring to VF-32 in July of 1986 for around a month before going to VF-101 and then back to VF-32 in March of 1987 as AC 202. 159437 claims one of the two Libyan MiG-23 Floggers which attempted to fight a pair of Tomcats on January 4th 1989, the kill marking applied to the airframe initially before being taken off and placed onto AC 201 upon the end of the Mediterranean Cruise. The aircraft was sent to NADEP Norfolk in August of 1989, and has been at AMARC since the 11th of February 1992, still yet to be restored and preserved at a museum.
- F-14A 80-GR BuNo 159440: AE 204, fourth Tomcat delivered to VF-142, starting as AJ 204 before changing to AE 204 in April of 1976, airframe being sent to VF-14 Tophatters in April of 1978 before returning to VF-142 in June of the same year, the aircraft changing to AE 206 in July of 78 and then AG 206 between October of 1978 to July of 1980. Transfer to VF-102 occurred in April of 1982, the aircraft being AB 110 between September of 1982 to April of 1984, wh ere the airframe went to VF-101 and then to VF-33 Starfighters in December of said year as AB 205, staying until March of 1986 before being assigned to the Pacfiic Missile Test Center in May of 1986, returning to VF-142 on the 28th of April 1987 as AG 205. 159440 has been in AMARC since the 4th of March 1992 still bearing VF-142 markings.
- F-14A 80-GR BuNo 159445: AE 205, fifth Tomcat deliver to VF-142, started as AJ 205 before changing to AE 205 between October of 1975 and 1976, number changing to AE 211 from 1977 to 78, AG 211 until the end of 1979 as the airframe was transferred to VF-101. The aircraft in 1982 was reassigned to VF-33 between February of 1982 to September of 1991, returning to VF-101 as AD 126 in 1994 until it was retired and disposed of.


1. Unzip file
2.a.(Standalone Version) Extract the folder to:
Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\CoreMods\aircraft\F14\Liveries\f-14b

2.b. (Steam Version) Extract the folder to:
Program Files(x64 or x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DCS World\CoreMods\aircraft\F14\Liveries\f-14b

Additional Assets used(not my own work):
- Roughmet & normal textures(credit to PorcoRosso86)

If anything issues are found, such as texture misalignments or color differences, please do let me know. Feedback is accepted, let me know in the comments or via DM through Discord at "八重樱#0151"
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