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DCS: World 2.5
Spotting Mod for Individuals and Multiplayer Servers

Spotting Mod for Individuals and Multiplayer Servers

Type - Mod
Author - ChuckIV
Date - 21.07.2020 05:22
PLEASE READ THIS THROUGH COMPLETELY before passing judgement...

Let's finally put an end to this problem of spotting... Let's end this problem now.

There is a growing community of pilots out there that are feeling a bit frustrated with their inability to spot the enemy before it is too late.  This mod is a very good compromise for the multiplayer community and individuals as far as spotting is concerned.  It is good compromise for ALL players.  

*** It's not a lack of skill that the enemy can't be spotted until it's too late.  More often, it's about the computer equipment you own and use that puts you at an advantage or disadvantage ***  PLEASE click on the DETAILS button for my reasons and how this mod works exactly....


Many people out there in the multiplayer community are getting very discouraged at being picked off at close ranges since the enemy can't be spotted until they're right on top of them.  Not everyone has the same computer equipment (TrackIR, 4K screens, VR headsets, or simple 1080) so spotting enemy is biased.  In real life, on a clear day, you can spot a plane at very long distances - I'd say 15 nm is not an exaggeration.  Without proper labels, only a very few can do this in multiplayer at this time.  This compromise doesn't make it "too easy" for players because of the way the labels are presented during game play...  Read how the labels work...


At long distances, ALL planes are seen as very small dark dots (low alpha) - this means you have to close the gap to identify the bogie.  Not until you get to within 1.7 nm do you really know for sure the identity of the coalition.  This is when the dot gets larger and turns color (red or yellow).  At this distance (around 1.7nm) the dot is the same size as the actual aircraft you are trying to identify.  Allies (the original blue font) are now seen as YELLOW dots since blue dots can be mistaken for black at fairly close distances, AND because blue is hard to see against the water (plus it's dark).   Not only that, but yellow was chosen because it is not a natural color - Only against pure white, does bright yellow begin to become difficult to see (small band in the horizon).  Axis (the original red font) are still seen as RED dots since this is what we are used to already, but more importantly, it's what everyone is used to for Axis colors.  These labels will give everyone a chance to see the enemy about 1 nautical mile out before the enemy is in shooting range.  At very close ranges, the dots disappear and do not help with dogfights at all anyway.

*** MAKE A COPY of your Labels.lua file before overwriting the original ***
Servers out there that want to force this spotting mod, place this Labels.lua file in your Config/View directory in your .miz file

I encourage server owners out there to start implementing this mod as it would really help everyone out with spotting, encourage more players to join, and improve the quality of game play.  If you have a comment regarding the use of dots, or how the ranges could be adjusted, please let me know.

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