WWII Normandy FW-190A8 using Mbot Dynamic Campaign Engine

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DCS: World 2.5
Fw 190 A-8 Anton

WWII Normandy FW-190A8 using Mbot Dynamic Campaign Engine

Type - Campaign
Uploaded by - Eagle_01
Date - 07/16/2020 00:02:49
Fictional Recreation of Operation Overlord.

JU-88s doing torpedo attacks
B-17 and A20 Bombers carpet bombing (but limited to a maximum of 4 planes at a time due to FPS concerns).
Flak will really be a concern and not just the usual eye candy.  Fly straight and level and you will get hit.

Change for v1.2
- Night Missions
- Sorties are now more A-G focused rather than escort missions and CAP
- B-17s and A-20s now fly in flights of 4 instead of just 2
- Changed allied AA defense to accomodate better FPS around the Normandy beaches

-Updated to version 20.38.01 : For those with a running campaing.  There is not need to restart.  Just unzip the 20.38.01 campaing engine to the proper location and change the version in "path.bat" to 20.38.01.  The next mission you generate would be in the new version.

Please read the PDF file to install and play this campaign
Version 20.38.01 : simplier installation procedure and few bugs fixed

Due to current limitations the Units have been trimmed down to have playable FPS.  It was trimmed down to below 25% of the original intented number of air, ground and sea units.
Currently for SP only.

If you have questions or if you want to find more campaigns look here "https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/162712-dce-campaigns/"
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