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Lincoln Supercarrier on the Black Sea -The Sukhumi Raid version 1

Author - marginal
Date - 07/09/2020 04:21:10
VMFA-251, the Thunderbolts, deployed on the supercarrier Abraham Lincoln has been tasked with destroying targets in the vicinity of 3 airports on the Black Sea coast. You will fly 2 sorties today targeting ammunition dumps, a command center, airport defences and fuel storage facilities at Sukhumi-Babushara airport.

The USS Spruance, located near the carrier group will launch a simultaneous cruise missile attack on targets at Sukhumi, Gudauta and Sochi airports

You can fly 2 sorties in any order:

Pontiac 1 - JDAM GBU 31(V)3/B bunker busters
Hardened ammunition dumps, airport ammunition depot and command center (4 targets)

Pontiac 2 - JSOW AGM-154A (submunition payload)
Fuel facilities, airport defences and aircraft stands (6 targets)

Mission units and frequencies:

Chevy 1 - SEAD - 305 mhz - F/A18C x 4
Uzi 1 - Carrier CAP - 305 mhz - F/A18C x 1
Uzi 2 and 3 - TARCAP - 305 mhz - F/A18C x 4
Pontiac 3 - Interdiction - 305 mhz - F/A18C x 4

Support aircraft:

Rescue helo - rescue operations within 15NM of the carrier - SH-60B x 1
Wizard 1 - E-2D AWACS - 260 mhz - TACAN 2Y “WIZ”
Texaco 1 - S-3B Recovery tanker - 250 mhz - TACAN 1Y “TEX”

CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln:

Marshal and Tower - 127.5 mhz radio 1 ch 1
ICLS - 1 “IAB”
Carrier information, BRC and FB available on Comms menu > Other > Airboss > Kneeboard > Carrier Info

1-At mission start choose which sortie you want to fly. The mission starts at 7:50AM with the carrier turning into wind, rescue helo taking position starboard of the carrier deck at 200 feet, SEAD and Interdiction flights are preparing for takeoff.

2-You will spawn onto the deck, engines running on elevator 3. First sel ect the desired SAM activity in the target area on Comms menu > Other

-One SA-10/SA-15 and one SA-11/SA-15 unit are available and will deploy in random zones around Sukhumi-Babushara airport. If you want a fairly easy mission don’t spawn the SAM units. You can also spawn the SAMs later in the mission if you wish.
-SAM units use a MOOSE SEAD evasion script and will actively shoot down inbound missiles, move or shut down radars to avoid damage

3-Complete preflight checks and taxi to an open catapult and launch. The deck will be busy with departing aircraft so be careful! After launch you are cleared to 500 feet 300 knots max until 7NM from ABE TACAN then unrestricted climb

4-Fly to the target area

-Monitor 260 mhz AWACS radio 1 ch 2 and 305 mhz OPs radio 2 ch 1
-JDAM waypoints 1,2,3,4 are target waypoints
-JSOW waypoints 1,2,3,4,5,6 are target waypoints
-The airspace will be busy, monitor EW for SAM locks and launches, SEAD and interdiction aircraft should suppress the SAM/AAA units while you are in the target area.
-TARCAP aircraft will defend against RedFor fighters.

5-You can return to carrier for the next sortie or hunt RedFor bandits to the northwest of Sukhumi along the coast launching from Guadata or Sochi

6-Returning to carrier

-At 50NM from TACAN ABE (72X) call inbound on 127.5 mhz radio 1 ch 1 on Comms menu > ATC > CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln, expect a Case 1 recovery
-Call “See me at 10” at 10 TACAN ABE
-Optional calls to go straight into the pattern, go to Comms menu > Other > Airboss > Emergency Landing or Request Commence
-Land, park and shutdown. To fly the second sortie press ESC and choose other slot.

7-Fly second mission and return to carrier

Weather Conditions at 0750 local time:
Temperature 10C
Ceiling 16000 ft, tops reported at 19000 ft
Rain showers
Light winds from the southwest.
Altimeter QNH 29.92

Red Task:

Defend Sukhumi, Guduata and Sochi airports area fr om air attack.

Blue Task:

PONTIAC 1 and 2

1-Destroy targets at waypoints specified in mission description, support CAP units operating NW of Sukhumi airport. Expect sporadic RedFor fighter activity.

2-Return and land on carrier


Engine anti-ice req’d on this wet cold day.

You should have time to drop all your JDAMs/JSOWs in one run.

Watch your EW display. If RedFor SAM unit radars are shutting down during the attack the SEAD operation is probably successful and you can continue into the target area.

Climb to 25,000 feet running into the target area. Get some altitude above the cloud layer to see SAMs climbing above the clouds. Higher altitude also means greater release distance for your JDAM or JSOW bombs.

Beam-Dive-Chaff will work against most SAM sites.

Additional chaff is loaded on aircraft.

SAM EW threat symbols, range and altitude data:

SA-10 SAM specs (NM + feet)

Threat level Extreme
Range 25.4
Altitude 98500


SA-11 SAM specs (NM + feet)

RWR 11
Threat level High
Range 2 - 13
Altitude 39400


SA-15 SAM specs (NM + feet)

RWR 15
Threat level High
Range 0.54 - 6.5
Altitude 19700

Thanks to the developers of MOOSE for their great scripts and to RedKite for his static templates.

MOOSE scripting:

Redkites static templates:

Supercarrier/Moose Airboss script notes that may be helpful in understanding carrier operations:

The following add-ons are not required but will enhance your DCS experience:

Better Smoke for DCS World 2.5.6

DiCE: DCS Integrated Countermeasure Editor v4.2 by Bailey

Have fun!
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