F-14B Tomcat | Early Tomcat Factory Livery Ver 1.1

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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat
F-14B Tomcat | Early Tomcat Factory Livery Ver 1.1

F-14B Tomcat | Early Tomcat Factory Livery Ver 1.1

Type - Skin
Author - _YowaneHaku_
Date - 27.05.2020 06:24
An unnumbered factory paint job, resembling the early production Tomcat paint jobs straight from the factory, no squadron markings.

- Unnumbered Prototype Tomcat livery + Prototype AIM-54 Phoenix livery
- Text file with link to 5 other early production Tomcats

Version 1.1 Update:
- Corrected warning labels/signs on the sides of each aircraft
- Corrected grayed-out lights on vertical stabilizer
- Changed Insignia on 157983; initially "Pacific Missile Range" now changed to the more historically accurate "Phoenix Missile System"

This .rar file only includes an unnumbered prototype/early 70s livery of an F-14A Tomcat and a text file of the rest of the pack on a Mediafire download page.

Separate package includes:

- F-14A 01-GR BuNo 157980, the first Tomcat prototype to have been built, crashed on the 30th of December, 1970 from a Hydraulic Failure after a loss of hydraulic fluids.
- F-14A 05-GR BuNo 157981, second Tomcat prototype, used to test the airframe's low-speed handling capabilities, written off and disposed of on the 13th of May, 1974 after suffering an inflight APU fire. Aircraft landed safely, but damage was too extensive to repair and continue operation.
- F-14A 10-GR BuNo 157982, third Tomcat prototype, used for non-destructive stress tests, preserved at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, New York
- F-14A 15-GR BuNo 157983, fourth Tomcat prototype, first to have the AN/AWG-9 and used to test the AIM-54 Phoenix missile, written off and disposed of in December of 1985, most likely due to old age and accumulated wear on the airframe.
- F-14A 90-GR BuNo 159855, "Red-31 Tomcatsky", prior to assignment to Aggressors Squadron VF-126 "Bandits", written off and cannibalized/disposed of at NAS Oceana on the 23rd of March, 1998.

1. Unzip file
2.a.(Standalone Version) Extract the folder to:
Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\CoreMods\aircraft\F14\Liveries\f-14b

2.b. (Steam Version) Extract the folder to:
Program Files(x64 or x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DCS World\CoreMods\aircraft\F14\Liveries\f-14b

Additional Assets used(not my own work):
- Roughmet & normal textures(credit to PorcoRosso86)

- Older flight suits(credit to shoots2k)<br />

If anything issues are found, such as texture misalignments or color differences, please do let me know. Feedback is accepted, let me know in the comments or via DM through Discord at "八重樱#0151"
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