Wild Weasel, a FA18C SEAD trainer - Beslan edition version 3

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

Wild Weasel, a FA18C SEAD trainer - Beslan edition version 3

Author - marginal
Date - 04/24/2020 19:56:29
In this mission you can practice using a variety of A/G weapons against 1 or more spawned SAM sites of your choosing. Four loadouts to choose from: 4 X HARMs, 8 X JDAMs, 8 X JSOWs or 4 X IR MAVs or create your own loadout in the mission editor.  

REDFOR SAM sites are selected via the comms/other menu and will spawn in 1 of 6 random zones in the vicinity of Beslan airport. When spawned, threat envelope information for the spawned SAM unit will display in the upper right corner of the screen.

This mission uses a MOOSE SEAD evasion script. If a HARM attack is detected SAM radars may turn off, attempt to shoot down the HARM and mobile SAM units may relocate to avoid the attack. SAM units have random skill levels.

++++Version 3 mission changes++++
ATIS added at Mozdok airport. Tune 264 mhz for current airport weather conditions.

TACAN “MOZ” added at Mozdok airport. Tune 51Y for navigation assistance.

Target: SAM site(s) in the vicinity of Beslan airport and south of ridge to the north of Beslan. SAM units available: SA-3, SA-6, SA-8, SA-9, SA-10, SA-11, SA-13, SA-15, SA-19.

OVERLORD AWACS will provide surveillance of the target area. REDFOR helicopter activity in the vicinity of the Beslan Airport is expected.

DODGE 1-1 (you) will takeoff westbound at the Mozdok Airport, configure the aircraft for a SEAD attack then proceed south until encountering SAM sites south of the ridge north of Beslan. SAM sites are approx 30-50 NM south of Mozdok.

After suppressing/destroying known radars, spawn an additional SAM unit via comms/other menu or patrol the target area and attack REDFOR helicopter targets that may be in the area. At bingo fuel, RTB to Mozdok Airport at waypoint 0 to the north.

Self propelled anti aircraft artillery ZSU-23-4 Shilkas are patrolling zones 1 thru 6. Threat envelope (1.35NM and 8200 feet).

Light REDFOR helicopter activity is expected west of Beslan Airport.

Weather Conditions:
0700 local time, clear with light winds from the west. Altimeter QNH 29.92

Red Task:

Defend Beslan Airport area from air attack.

Blue Task:

DODGE 1-1:

1)Spawn SAM units of your choice via comms/other menu on the ground or in the air.

2)WYPT 1 is a general but not accurate location of the SAM site area. At your option sel ect F10 map for SAM site coordinates and overwrite WYPT 1 with current SAM site location in the F-18.

3)Navigate towards waypoints 1 and destroy SAM radars with A/G weapons.

2)After known radars are destroyed, patrol the target area for additional air threats or spawn another SAM site.

3)Return to Mozdok Airport at waypoint 0 or use MOZ TACAN 51Y at BINGO fuel (suggested 2000 lbs).

Mission frequencies:
264 - Mozdok ATIS for current airport weather conditions

266 - Mozdok ATC departure and arrival (preset on Comm 1 channel 2)

262 - air ops, OVERLORD AWACS (preset on Comm 2 channel 1)

127 - datalink connection

51Y - MOZdok TACAN


Use the ridge north of Beslan to shadow fr om enemy radars

HARMs are not 100% guaranteed to hit radar targets. It may take more than one attempt to kill a radar.

Beam-Dive-Chaff will work against most SAM sites

It is possible to fly above the threat altitude of some units and use LGBs

Try IR or laser Mavericks against shorter range SAM units

If you know the coordinates of SAM units try a JDAM/JSOW attack (Spawn a SAM unit, look for it on F10 map and copy down the coordinates, then create a waypoint in the F-18)

Use the Litening Pod to locate other units in the SAM group for additional JDAM, JSOW or Maverick attacks.

Additional chaff loaded on aircraft.

The following add-ons are not required but will enhance your DCS experience:

Better Smoke for DCS World 2.5.6 https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312017/

DiCE: DCS Integrated Countermeasure Editor v4.2 by Bailey https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312680/

Have fun!

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