Silver Falcons (South African Airforce)

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L-39 Albatros

Silver Falcons (South African Airforce)

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - __Moody__
Date - 04/10/2020 16:35:31
Dress up your L-39 Albatros in a high gloss version of the South African Airforce's Display team Colours.

Well, since we *don't* have the Hawk, might as well use the L-39.

This is a high gloss version of the SAAF Silver Falcons display team. They Fly Pilatus PC-7MkII's in the real world.

A quick video of my squadron (ZANDF) messing around in an older version of the livery:


This version only works with the L-39C
Sadly I have not managed to get the helmet right.

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