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F-16C Viper

18th Aggressor Squadron "Splinter"

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - Munny
Date - 04/08/2020 03:59:59
These guys fly as the bad guys for Alaskan REDFLAG. they have had an Arctic tonal pattern for quite some time now, but as near as I can tell this new "Splinter" Version rolled out sometime in summer of 2017.

This pack contains 3 skins, all the same paint scheme.
Factory fresh, with some scratches, but otherwise right off the line.
Medium weathered
Heavy Weathered

(I Drew this skin after scouring the forums to make sure it didn't already exist, then of course the day I post it I realize Ioverlooked the fine one already made by Jack...fml)

The 18th Aggressor Squadron is a subordinate unit of the 354th Fighter Wing based at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska, and flies the Block 30 General Dynamics F-16C/D aircraft. The 18th Aggressor Squadron prepares combat Air Force, joint and allied aircrews through challenging, realistic threat replication, training, test support, academics and feedback.

Enjoyed making the skin, It is hand-drawn, so there are some hiccups. See readme for full list of known issues.

This Squadron fields Vipers in "BDU Splinter" that is a forest green version of this paint scheme, I intend to add that to the skin pack in next version.  
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