The Abkahazian war. AV-8 PERSISTENT campaing

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AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL

The Abkahazian war. AV-8 PERSISTENT campaing

Type - Campaign
Uploaded by - daemon1808
Date - 04/05/2020 11:31:34
Notice: Last FIX for the campaign added!
I will not continue updating Azkhazian war campaign any more. I will focus in my new campaign, that I'm sure you will enjoy even more . Find the promotional video here:

Now that we are in home because the COVID-19, I've been finishing a campaign based in a fictional story that happens in the Caucasus.
This is a persistent scenario campaign (what is destroyed, remains destroyed in next missions).
You can choose your own objetives and command some AI units to help you.
Expect random weather and events in the missions.
Find the campaign here:
This is the introduction video for the campaign:
And this is the installation guide video:
Find the new section for the fixes of the errors found

The main characteristics for the campaign are:
- Persistent scenario: all the stuff you destroy it remains destroyed in next missions.
        Yhe same applies for what the enemy destroys, except you and your wingman. Protect your assets!!!
        As allow DCS to write files in your PC for storing status is a bit risky, I will explain how to "install" the campaing to avoid the risk.
- Introduction mission: Where is explained how to command AI units.
- Command AI units: You can order several units to do some tasks as recon, escort, refuel, return to base, etc. through the F10 radio menu
    (open de comunication MAIN menu and in the F10 option, you will find the type of units you can command and the submenus to give orders to them)
    You can find where the AI units are based through the F10 map.
- Areas of interest in the map(POI as Point of Interest): You can't see in the F10 map the an enemy unit until it has been detected by your coalition.
        In the F-10 map you will find TACAN units , playing the role of interest areas found by satellite surveillance in the enemy territory.
        Sent recon missions to these areas, but be careful. If one of your units is destroyed, it will remain destroyed for next missions!!!
- Choose your own target: as the commander of the operation you can choose how to acomplish your mission.
        From the 2nd mission, no instructions will be given, it is up to you what to do. Order someone to recon an area to locate targets, or recon it by yourself, attack some objetive or what ever you want.
- 4 client slot available: Starting with the 2nd mission, you can choose between 4 different slots at the begining of the mission.
        In 2 of them you will take off from a short runway, and you will have preset payloads that you can't change.
        In 1 of them you will VTO from a FARP, and you can change your pay load at will.
        1 extra for Huey owners, allow you to take control a UH-1 to try the rescue missions by your self
- Random events: some times random events will happen. (Remember that if you take off from the FARP, you can choose your payload) React in consecuence!        
- Random weather: each time you start a new mission, the weather for that mission will be random.
- Rescue the Prisoners: to win the campaing you will have to rescue the hostages in all the concentration camps. But once done, you can continue with the operation in the area if you want.
- Radio messages: many radio messages with real voices, to improve inmersion.
- Many hours of fun: As there are many things to do, you will have many hours of fun with "infinite" missions.
    Do not try always the same. Yes, mavericks and GBUs are "ass kickers". But try dumb bombs, rockets, and other less acurate weapons to increase the fun!

This is the introduction video for the campaign:

And this is the installation guide video:

Find the campaign here (install the fixes before following the installation guide video):

(Aditional mods will be needed. You can find them bellow)    
    NATO Personnel and items
                DCS Marsden Farp
                VPC-Airfield Equipment
Due to the fact that some of you are having problems when following the steps to install the campaign in the "secure" mode, now there are two options to install it.
    1  - Install de campaign main zip (just above) and unzip the fixes in the campaing folder, and overwrite.
    2a - follow the campaign installation guide video.                            
    2b - If you don't want to follow the steps in the installation guide video and/or you don't mind to sanitize the 'io' and 'lfs' Modules, just:
        open the DCS MAIN installation folder and find this file "..\DCSWorld\Scripts\MissionScripting.lua"
        change sanitizeModule('io') to  --sanitizeModule('io')
        change sanitizeModule('lfs') to --sanitizeModule('lfs')

Find the fixes here:

    FIX_20200607: This fix replaces all the old fixes. Also allows a "quick" installation.
                zip Part 1:
                zip Part 2:  
    FIX_20201024: This fix replaces all the old fixes.
                zip Part 1:                
                zip Part 2:

Some tips:
  - You don't have to kill everyone in one mission. The scenario is persistent: kill some units, end the mission and in the next mission the scenario will be the same, and those units will remain killed.
  - DCS AI is more Artificial than Intelligent. Try to keep it simple ordering a unit one task at a time.
  - Do not allow the enemy to destroy your tanker or awacs. You will need them!!!
  - Remeber that you can change your slot in mission too. If a random even happens, press ESCAPE, choose madrid FARP, load AIM-9s and go for it!
  - Sometimes is easier to succed in your mission if you have an escort (especially for air to air combat). Remember that you can use your assets to help you
  - You and your wingman are inmortal. If you are not sure about a POI, or you know that is protected by SAM units, recon it by yourself before sent any other unit.
  - If you know the exact position of a unit, thanks to a RECON flight, remeber that you can use the CAS page of your Harrier to store it as a target.
  - You can end a mission, when you want. Just, press ESCAPE and then END MISSION. All that have been killed will be stored when the unit/scenery is destroyed.
  - If some
  - Once a mission is ended, ALWAYS click on "end mission" button (even if you have died). Otherwise you will play the same weather again.
  - Do not concern about you or your wingman. If you died, it does not count for the persistent scenario, you can play again and again.  
  - Take into acount that if you destroy something, it will remain destroyed for next missions. Even if you died, you cancel the mission or end it at any point.

Have fun!!!!
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