The End of the T-55 Era

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DCS: World 2.5

The End of the T-55 Era

Author - GTFreeFlyer
Date - 04/03/2020 05:23:41
Ignoring political pressure from the remainder of the World's powers, Russia has been ramping up their T-55 production line in order to fill purchase orders from North Korea.  If N. Korea gets their hand on these tanks, South Korea will fall.

Intel reports show that the stockpile of T-55's are due to ship this morning via railway.  There is a rail station in Mozdok just 4 miles NW of the T-55 factory, which is pretty much a small town of its own.  

(Intended for a large MP group, at least 2-3 CAP/SEAD and 1-2 ground attack)
(Includes most of the popular modules, change as desired.  There are no triggers associated with the client aircraft.)

The primary objective of this mission is to destroy as many tanks as possible so that N. Korea cannot get their hands on them.  Also, destroy the major factory buildings identified on the satellite photo.  We expect the tanks to be unarmed since they will be loaded onto trains this morning.  We expect their engines to be running prior to their short drive to the train yard.  This should make them an easy target for any weapon that seeks heat.

The tanks will likely be rolling out from the factory towards the rail station by the time we get there.  In order to make it difficult to ship the tanks, we are tasked with dropping the Kalininsky road bridge that connects the rail station to the factory.  This will prevent the tanks from being able to make it to the rail station.  Also, there are two rail bridges east and west of the Mozdok train station, away from populated areas, that must be reduced to rubble by whichever means possible.  Someone should inspect the road that leads from the factory to the rail station to ensure no tanks made it across the Kalininsky Bridge.

ABSOLUTELY NO EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE allowed in the town of Mozdok.  If a tank is spotted driving through the city en route to the station, you must leave it alone or use guns at your discretion.  No explosives are allowed in the town due to the innocent families that live nearby.  To minimize collateral damage, HQ will make a phone call to the factory 1 minute prior to the attack.  The only casualties permitted are of those driving the tanks or working in the factories since they will have been given the chance to stop the shipment.  

Light AAA is expected around the factory and at airports, but there are SA-6's and SA-10's scattered around Russia that may be problematic.  However...

An expert consultant from the power transmission industry may have found a major weakness for Russia:  A single node of power lines that may be linked to each of the SAM sites surrounding the factory.  If this is true, then it may be possible to disable the SAM sites for a few minutes while the backup generators come online.  If coordinated properly, we may be able to deal a huge blow to the tank factory AND the air defenses in one single sweep.  Try to assign targets to each aircraft and make sure to choose a desired time on target for each if possible.

Everything north of the mountains is enemy.  Sukhumi, Gudauta and Sochi are neutral, but everything else south is friendly.

Oh, one more slightly minor thing:  Expect some bandits, especially if you hit the power lines and make yourselves known.  We know of a squadron of Su-27's based at Min Vody, and another squadron of Su-33's based way east at Krasnodar-Pashkovsky.

Get airborne, meet up at your assigned IP, and then make the push at sunrise once the strike lead makes the call.  There are no triggers for this.  It is all up to you to coordinate with your multiplayer squadron.
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