Operation Damaged Anchor. (A-4 Skyhawk)

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Operation Damaged Anchor. (A-4 Skyhawk)

Uploaded by - MettDeiman
Date - 03/27/2020 21:29:34
A mission for the unloved A-4 Skyhawk.

Iran is trying to gain control of the Persian Gulf setting several naval bases on the islands all around the gulf. With this action the naval trade routes are suffering several attacks by the helicopters and speed boats launched from this naval bases. Most of the countries that trade with the UAE have set escorts to their ships or even giving them military personal to defend against the attacks. In this ambient, seems that a civilian ship with U.S.A flag, have suffered some kind of critical damage on Its engines, so the capitain has decided to beach the ship in an island close to one of this naval bases.

Available soon with the F-14 or F-18!!. Hope you enjoy.

A trade ship with U.S.A  flag has suffered critical damage while It was travelling along the Persian Gulf. On Its way to Dubai, the captain has ordered to beach the ship on an island close to Sirri Island after a sudden incident. Our inteligence has reports on several enemy helitransported elite troops moving from Sirri to the beached ship. We have lost communication with the marines and the crew several hours ago, so we don´t know If the still alive or in case they are, they way to provide air cover with out endangering their lives. For now, we will try to stablish contact sending units to check the ship and provide cover If needed.


Our mission is to provide cover the marines and crew while a EVAC unit, callsign Chevy ,makes Its way to the AO to rescue them. The air cover will be provided by a flight of x2 F-14, callsign Springfield.
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