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Chemical Cocktail - Corona Virus Source

Uploaded by - irishlad200000
Date - 03/14/2020 17:02:41
The WHO has identified the source of the Corona Virus.  It was man made by Islamic State in Iran.  Your task is to destroy the chemical facility and to eliminate all involved.  Dawn mission with voiceovers.  Simple but fun!

As you are aware by now, the World Health Organisation have identified that the Corona Virus was man made in Southern Iran (Suza Village).  It was not the Iranian Government and was Muslim Extremists (Islamic State) who developed the virus.  They released the virus in China, knowing that it was the best chance of spreading it worldwide.  Several hundred thousand people are dead worldwide and although the threat is lowering, it is still real.

Intelligence has identified the chemical facility where the virus was made, West of Suza.  Dr Omar is believed to be behind the creation of the virus.  

We expect enemy ground forces and do not expect the Iranian Air Force to medle in this operation.  We are sending two F16's ahead of you to ensure we have the air clear.
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